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Duff Campbell Nonprofit Media and Real Estate Advisor
Duff Campbell Nonprofit Media and Real Estate Advisor

Duff Campbell

Nonprofit Media and Real Estate Advisor

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It’s Great To Be Duff

Storyteller, collaborator and all-around good guy, Duff Campbell engages with joy, excitement and enthusiasm.

He loves challenges and problem solving. He connects people. He provides answers and solutions.

Duff unites 25 years of sales, investor, community development, marketing, and media production experience with 114 years of Coldwell Banker real estate expertise to connect, market, and sell residential, commercial, and investment properties across Florida and throughout Tampa Bay.

He advises nonprofits, real estate buyers and sellers, small businesses, and big brand names.

Experience Counts, Count on Duff

Detroit Manufactured
Florida Grown
Innisbrook Living
Golf Dad

Move What Moves You

Move What Moves You

Duff has unique local knowledge of the Tampa Bay area as a 4th generation resident living in both Hillsborough County and Pinellas County. His family is deeply rooted spanning both counties. He has Tampa Bay covered from the bridges to the bays.

In real estate, he focuses on Palm Harbor, Tarpon Springs, and Dunedin along with Westchase, Odessa, Tampa, and the 35 miles of world-renowned white sandy beaches in Pinellas County along the Gulf of Mexico.

Together with father Art Campbell, Duff sources and evaluates investment, commercial, and land properties for individuals and pension funds. This is the one-two-TKO-punch that most agents or teams can not deliver to their clients and partners.

Tampa Bay Triple Threat

Tampa Bay Triple Threat

the iconic Coldwell Banker brand is synonymous with a gold standard of service, cementing its status as a premier real estate authority for present and future generations of discriminating buyers and sellers everywhere.


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Attention Interest

Decision Action

Attention Interest

Decision Action

Where is your attention right now? Reading, scanning or scrolling this page?

Attention is everywhere these days but nowhere for too long.

Executing a digital marketing strategy that grabs attention and creates interest is vital in a distracted world.

A tailored combination of digital advertising, email campaigns, content marketing, and personalized outreach is the approach Duff takes to bring awareness, speak up and make a connection on behalf of his clients and partners.

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Duff Campbell

Real Estate Advisor

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“Duff is a passionate, authentic and collaborative digital marketer. Duff helped lead and build the digital, content and technology strategies for Jabil working across many touch-points throughout the organization, while establishing an online presence for the company which had a very small digital representation before his tenure.”

S. Novoa

San Francisco, CA

Duff Campbell

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